Blood of Steel

October 20, 2020
Blood of Steel is an online competitive strategy game featuring some of the most well-known figures throughout medieval history. Choose your general – a Crusader, Viking, Ninja or one of those from the Three Kingdoms. Build your kingdom and command armies in epic PvP battles using classic medieval warfare tactics.

Armor Valor

July 20, 2020
Build your empire with the help of mythical heroes and well thought out strategy in R2 Games’ strategy RPG Armor Valor.

Shop Titans

May 05, 2020
A free-to-play RPG shopkeeper simulation game where you are responsible for designing and maintaining your own shop.

Survivor Legacy

April 07, 2020
Survivor Legacy is a free-to-play zombie-themed strategy game from R2 Games.

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

March 07, 2020
A free-to-play massively multiplayer battle Royale game inspired by the old-shool Bomberman games!