War Thunder


War Thunder is a massively multiplayer shooter that puts you in command of hundreds of the finest combat vehicles of World War II. You’ll pilot warplanes in exciting PvP dogfights and rumble across the battlefield in tanks, battling against foes on across several vintage maps, featuring diverse terrain and offering several strategic options. There are many different ways to play War Thunder, ranging from quick arcade mode-style combat to competitive, realistic battles.

The vehicles in War Thunder represent WWII-era tanks and planes from several different nations, including the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the USSR. Battles earn you currency you can use to upgrade your vehicles with better engines, weaponry, and other modifications, and you’ll also earn experience that you can use to unlock more vehicles and increase your crew’s performance. Planes include quick and agile fighters, giant flying fortresses, and precision bombers, while tanks run the gamut from light to heavy to self-propelled artillery. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and learning how to properly use your vehicles is the key to victory.

The most common game modes are PvP battles that revolve around a series of control points or that task players with destroying enemy vehicles, whether AI-controlled or belonging to other players. Each player brings a squad of up to five vehicles and, when your current vehicle is destroyed, you’ll choose another one to ride back into combat. You can also adjust battle realism, opting for simpler controls with target reticles and other helpful guides, or complete realism, with very few artificial elements in the way of aid. In addition to PvP battles, there are also PvE campaigns and missions you can take on alone or with other players. No matter how you play War Thunder, the action will be easy to find and the battles will have you on the edge of your seat!

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Gaijin Entertainment

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August 15, 2013