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World of Tanks is a popular free to play multiplayer role playing team-based shooter game developed by World of Tanks is based around the middle of the 20th century, and features huge epic battles with various different game modes such as Standard, Assault, Encounter Battles, and an added bonus of 15 tanks vs 15 enemy tanks gameplay.

The game starts off with quite easy gameplay but eventuates into a more difficult game as you progress, and because a typical game only takes between 5-10 minutes the game can get quite intense as well. Unlike other games in World of Tanks you cannot respawn; so when your tank gets destroyed you tank gets destroy and you have to start a new game before you can play again. You can still watch the battlefield from a spectator but who wants to be a spectator when you can join in with action with a simple click of a button?

A different aspect of World of Tanks is that you wait in a queue called a “lobby” and then are launched into a random map, with random enemy players. In World of Tanks depending on your gaming style you start off with a fast lightly armored tank, a middle of the range type of tank, or a slower, more heavily armored tank. The tanks are based on real authentic tanks that were in World War 2. There are approximately 150 tanks from 3 different countries, these being Germany, Russia, and the United States of America.

The tank you choose can be customized by performing various different upgrades, which you can acquire through winning experience and credits you gain by winning battles against other enemy tanks. There are 10 different tiers, with tier 1 being a very weak tank going all the way up to tier 10 tanks which are the most powerful. Just like your tanks in the game your crew has a set of skills which progresses as you move through the different tiers in the game.

You can own multiple tanks but can only pilot 1 tank in any one game. Depending on what nation you choose will determine what research tree you will advance through to unlock new, more powerful tanks, weapons, and crew members to help your battles against the other enemy tanks. Since World of Tanks initial release there have been numerous updates to improve the difficulty, the visual aspects, new fresh maps, and new tanks and allow more exciting clan features of the game. If you like blowing up tanks, with a quick and intense game style you will simply love this game!

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April 12, 2011