An epic battle awaits you in Brawlhalla, a free-to-play 2D platform fighter from Blue Mammoth Games. Inspired by the Smash Bros. family of Nintendo games, Brawlhalla is a fast-and-furious smash-em-up featuring a bunch of colorful characters and enough tactical depth to satisfy even the most strategic of players. Play offline or online with up to seven other people, and brawl for bragging rights or for dominance in the ranked arena!

The warriors of Brawlhalla are a diverse lot. There are Vikings, pirates, cowboys, ninjas, and just about everything in between. All characters have the same basic moves, but weapon drops during matches can shake things up. Each fighter has two weapons he or she can pick up, each with distinctive attacks. Some warriors specialize in close-quarters combat, while others prefer to attack at range. Characters have both heavy and light attacks at their disposal, as well as plenty of aerial acrobatics they can perform. Matches end after a time limit, or when a sufficient number of kills have been reached.

Each match in Brawlhalla can be fully customized for length, arena, and number of players. Play online with friends or with random opponents. You can compete in casual matches or take your skills to ranked 1v1 arenas by yourself or in 2v2 with a friend to climb up the ranking ladder. Matches can support up to eight players, in 4v4 team battles, or you can practice alone or against bots to master your moves.

Brawlhalla is fully free-to-play, with no hidden costs or microtransactions apart from cosmetic changes. Blue Mammoth Games even gives players the option to refund their purchase, a limited number of times, if they’re unhappy with their selection. Whether you’re a hardcore ladder-climber or a button-mashing brawler, it all adds up to one of the most enjoyable games you’ll find online!

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Blue Mammoth Games

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November 03, 2015