Firestone Idle RPG


Set in the fantasy world of Alandria, Firestone is an idle RPG in which players are tasked with building the best possible party of heroes and using them to defeat the undead and orcs that plague the world. While normally a threat on their own, the two races have joined forces and are using the power of the Firestones to wreak havoc upon the land.

Build your team, equip them well and send them on missions to defeat the monsters. As with any RPG, your team will need to be well balanced and upgraded regularly using the best gear – either obtained through battles or upgrades. Players can also make use of guardians – angel or dragons – in battle to destroy their foes. Guardians can be unlocked over time and evolved in order to make use of their full power.

Upgrading also includes doing research via the Library and conducting alchemy experiments. As for the Firestones themselves, these can be used with the game’s Prestige mechanism in order to influence progression.

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Firestone Idle RPG




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Holyday Studios


Holyday Studios

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September 26, 2019