Rhino Games Inc.’s CCG Mythgard combines cyberpunk with the heroes, gods, and creatures of the fantasy in a modern setting to create a world where magic competes against technology for control. The competitive game features not just standard 1v1 gameplay, but also a 2v2 co-op mode and a story campaign. Gameplay is built around a unique mana-burn system that offers players the ability to burn cards in order to create mana gems of the same color as the card. Players don’t lose the card, but instead have it returned to their deck to play again at a later point. The gameboard is larger than other CCG games, offering players more options as to how they place cards in order to get the most out of them.

Mythgard’s also features a deep lore built into the chapter-based campaign, the card text, and even the abilities. As they play, players will discover more about the dark-fantasy dystopian world of Mythgard. This includes the varying factions inspired by real-world cultures ranging from Eastern Europe to South America. Players will encounter everything from gods to vampire lords, among other creatures.

In addition to the general gameplay and lore, Mythgard also offers much in the way of esports elements. There’s a limited game Draft mode with PvE and PvP options, an in-game deck tracker, live spectating, and a replay system. The game also features an in-game tournament system that allows players to host or compete in tournaments ranging from friendly matches with friends to the $1k community Opens. Mythgard is available to play on PC and mobile devices with full cross-play, so players can take their game anywhere.

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Rhino Games Inc.

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September 18, 2019