Roller Champions


What if you could player roller derby, but in a more organized and less physically dangerous environment? What if it were basically Rocket League but on a track instead of a field, and wearing skates instead of driving a car. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, Ubisoft’s latest offer, Roller Champions, is one you’ll want to check out.

A 3v3 competitive game, Roller Champions is played in third-person. It pits two teams against each other in matches where the goal is to be the first team to accumulate 5 points. The catch is that players only have seven minutes to accomplish this task. In order to do so they’ll need to have possession of the ball and skate a lap without interferrence from the other side. If that’s accomplished players can pass the ball off to other team mates who may complete even more laps. The more laps a team completes, the more points they’ll earn when they score a goal. Be careful deciding when to hit the goal, though, everything resets if the other side manages to interrupt.

Interrupting is pretty much what you probably think it is. If a team has the ball, it’s the job of the other side to tackle them or knock them over – pretty much whatever gains them possession of the ball. That said, these things can be dodged. So just be aware of your surroundings.

If you win matches, you’ll gain followers. More followers are accumulated every time a match is won. These allow teams to play in front of larger crowds. In addition, as with most games in this genre, players can customize their avatars’ gear. But, beyond that, they can customize their fans as well. That means players can look in the crowd and see just how many people are there for them.

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Release Date

May 25, 2022