Tower of Fantasy


Tower of Fantasy is a 3D open-world RPG, anime-style sci-fi MMO RPG game with unique characters and beautiful open vistas!

Pack your gear and head to the lush planet of Aida, mankind’s last bastion after depleting Earth’s resources to near-inhabitability. In addition to be a viable world, Aida is also located near the path of the comet Mara, which contains an energy known as “Omnium”. To capture this energy, the people built the tower of Omnium, an act that resulted in a catastrophic disaster.

In Tower of Fantasy, players will explore the post-catastrophy world of Aida, taking in an open world filled with stunning nature and impressive structures. Play as a selection of characters, each armed with their own unique weapons, and take on the world with your friends. Take the time to learn about your characters, because you’ll need to know who can do what in order to build the best parties and defeat your enemies.

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Tower of Fantasy






Level Infinite


Hotta Studio

Release Date

August 10, 2022