Magic Spellslingers


Magic Spellslingers is the latest entry based on Witzards of the Coast’s popular card game Magic: The Gathering. Developed by Pipeworks Studios and Seismic Games, this card battler is intended to be an entry point into the Magic universe. Like other games of the same genre players will start out choosing a hero. In this case they choose from a selection fo Spellslingers, each offering unique abilities and strategies as well as cards to use in battle.

Not only is Magic Spellslingers a unique card game in its own right, it’s also intended to be an introduction to the Magic universe. Players can take on challenges designed for both first-time layers and experienced veterans anywhere they’re at. Even more, they have the option to create teams and share resources and decks with friends, and work together on strategies. Of course, teammates can compete against each other as well.

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Magic Spellslingers


Card Game




Wizards of the Coast LLC


Pipeworks Studios, Seismic Games

Release Date

August 05, 2022