World of Runes


World of Runes is an adorable anime-style MMO featuring cute pets. Players can choose between four different playable classes to explore the game’s world with. To help players get started, the game begins with a series of Novice Quests as an introduction to all the necessary systems. That includes the game’s controls. It also offers players a bit of a boost with more XP and rewards than regular quests.

The four available classes in the game are the Swordsman, Archer, Mage, and Cleric. Each features three abilities and is reliant upon each other in battle. The Swordsman fills both the physical melee and tank roles. Archer fills the physical long-range support and offers burst and high hit. Mage is your obvious magical DPS – both long-range and sustained. And Cleric is mostly support but with magical melee and sustained DPS.

Another feature of the game is the collectible cards, an MVP system that players can use to collect rare items. These include equipment, cards, and other items. These can be sold for Crystals in the game’s Exchange. Finally, players can collect pets to use in battle. Stats on pets vary depending on a few factors.

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World of Runes




Web Browser


F5 Game Company Limited


R2 Games

Release Date

June 13, 2022