Marvel Snap


Take all your favorite Marvel heroes, give them super cute forms, put them in a strategic card battler game and you have Marvel Snap. As indicated by the name, the game is intended to be played in a snap – not the kind that Thanos used to eliminate half the world’s population, but the kind that means you can play a quick game anytime. In fact, any time you have three minutes or more to spare, you can get a game in.

Not only does the game feature many familiar faces from the Marvel universe, it also boasts more than 50 locations many fans will recognize. Each locale is more than just a change in appearance, they also change how the game is played, adjusting abilities. New locations will be introduced weekly, and players will need to flex their problem-solving skills in order to make the best of them.

The game is also designed for risk-takers. “Snap” doesn’t just mean the game is fast. It’s also a mechanic that allows players to raise the stakes of a match and potentially double their rewards.

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Marvel Snap


Card Game






Second Dinner Studios, Inc.

Release Date

October 18, 2022