Battle Arena Heroes Adventure


Espirit Games’ Battle Arena Heroes Adventure is an RPG MOBA – that is to say, it’s a “purebred MOBA with the elements of an RPG”. This means that players will engage in the game in traditional 2D MOBA PvP style while at the same time experiencing a compelling story.

The game’s world is made up of a series of battle arenas, each a different region for players to explore. In the traditional RPG style, players can expect to face difficult bosses during their journey. This is in addition to taking on other teams in epic matches. Of course, other traditional components of the RPG experience are collecting rewards and leveling up your characters. Both of which players will be doing in Battle Arena Heroes Adventure. The leveling will be apparent as well, as characters evolve at levels 50 and 100.

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Battle Arena Heroes Adventure




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Espirit Games


Espirit Games

Release Date

March 19, 2018