Destiny's Divide


Collectible card games get a hardcore PvP twist in Fobia’s Destiny’s Divide. Players choose between eleven heroes and compete against each other in matches with open rules. This means heroes and energy aren’t locked to specific cards. Players can create any kind of deck they want as every card can be played by all heroes. Players can benefit from playing cards of the same type as the hero, however, as doing so costs one less. Interestingly, players can even attack their own cards or hero.

The game uses a shared board in which each player chooses three cards. Of the six total, four will be placed on the shared board for both players to use, while the other two are banned from play. Another unique feature is energy augments. This allows players to select an augment during the deck-building process that will change how they play. Gameplay is further diversified with three types of auras, each serving a different function. To make the game feel more like physical CCGs, Destiny’s Divide allows players to swap or lend cards. There is a system in place to prevent players from abusing this feature.

Destiny’s Divide features four modes: Casual, Constructed, Brawl, and Hardcore. Casual allows players to compete against each other or AI in relaxed sessions. Constructed features the game’s ELO ranking system. In Brawl, players build decks on the fly. In Hard Core, players compete for a chance to win their opponents’ cards. They just need to be careful to not lose their own, because it’s permanent.

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Release Date

November 03, 2023