Awesomenauts is a 3v3 2D battle arena Developed by Ronimo games. Originally launched as a pay-to-play game, the PC version of AwesomeNauts eventually converted to free-to-play. Players take on the role of intergalactic mercenaries (known as Awesomenauts).

The game boasts more than 20 Awesomnauts, each with unique skill sets. It incorporates elements from both 2D and Fighting games. There are multiple modes of play. However, its primary mode is the 3v3 match, in which each team attempts to destroy the other’s Solar Collector. Players fight their way through other players, drones, and turrets in order to do this.

Awesomenauts’ deafult mode is ranked play, featuring 9 different ranks which players can be matched in. Those who finish a season in top ranking will earn rewards. During ranked play, no two players on a team can use the same character. The game’s other available modes allow for more varied play but do count toward ranking and the eventual reward. These modes include skirmishes and round-robin.

There is also a meta-game linked to player profiles. Each player will earn experience for playing matches and can purchase character improvements based on those levels. When a player reaches max level they can opt to use the prestige system and return to the lowest level in exchange for a badge.

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Ronimo Games


Ronimo Games

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May 24, 2017