Titan Revenge


Titan Revenge is a Norse-themed browser MMORPG developed and published by Game Hollywood Games. Set in a world facing an apocalypse, the game casts players as the hero, taking on mythical beasts and gods.

Players choose from three classes, Knight, Mage, or Archer. The game uses an “Ethereal System” that grants players more skills in addition to their class skills as they turn into an Angel or a Titan. This transformation even increases their damage and HP and is used during battle. The game features a mix of social systems: Destiny, Friends, and Alliance. It also includes a marriage system.

As far as battle content goes, players can fight in cross-server Arena as well as the Imperial War and Archangel War. Also included are a variety of battle modes ranging from 1v1 to Cross-server Faction battles.

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Titan Revenge




Web Browser


Game Hollywood Games


Game Hollywood Games

Release Date

December 20, 2023