Explore new and strange sci-fi worlds in Starbreak, a free-to-play roguelike action platformer MMO with MetroidVania-esque gameplay from Crunchy Games. Starbreak focuses on fast-paced gameplay that forces players to think on their feet when facing the game’s challenges. StarBreak is inspired by popular platformers, such as Castlevania and Metroid, but re-imagined with randomly generated content.

Players will start by choosing one of four shells in Starbreak: Wildfire, Duskwing, Ironclad, and Fabricator. Each one has its own unique abilities that affect the game in different ways. Players can also join together in multiplayer co-op in order to tackles the challenges together and share in the loot.

Gameplay is challenging in Starbreak, requiring players to time their attacks, jumps, and fights carefully. If players are careless, their character can die permanently, forcing them to start all over again. And with such unique environments to explore, adventure and risk are never far away.

Starbreak also has over 200 unique items to collect, giving players a wide range of items to either equip or sell in order to empower their character. Players looking for an exciting platforming challenge will want to give Starbreak a try.

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Windows, Web Browser


Crunchy Games


Crunchy Games

Release Date

May 10, 2016