Dark Knight


Dark Knight is a browser-based fantasy MMOARPG wherein players take on the role of a devil hunter descended from the gods battling a dark force and attempting to overthrow seven kingdoms currently run by devils.

The game features a total of three professions for players to choose from: Slayer, Sorcerer, and Destroyer. However, Destroyer will not be available as a first choice. Rather, the player must reach a certain level in either of the other two professions and then transfer that progress to the Destroyer profession.

To help players along the way, the game provides them with goddesses that may accompany them in their journey. In order to acquire a goddess, players must collect corresponding pieces and summon them. Once summoned they will assist the Dark Knight in battle.

Of course, this being an MMOARPG, there are plenty of other features to be found in Dark Knight. These include a variety of systems designed to improve the players’ power, such as a relic system, the blood system, mounts, wings, and more.

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Dark Knight




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Release Date

August 06, 2019