Screenplay CCG


Movie making becomes a whole different kind of competitive in Comico Games’ ScreenPlay CCG. The characters. The tropes. The themes. They’re all there. Imagine if the characters from movies created their own movies, and had an unlimited budget to do it with.

Unlike most CCGs that have players taking turns – as you normally would in a card game – ScreenPlay CCG uses simultaneous turns. The game has both players laying out their turns at the same time as they both create a cinematic piece of their own. Players must choose the cards to play and what they want their characters to do – dodge, attack, or act out performances.

Players pick a combination of three lead characters and build a 40-card deck around them. As they play, they gain Narrative Points to advance their characters’ story arcs. The player to complete two story arcs first is the one to win.

Cards are available via booster packs, playing the game’s missions and the crafting system. Players can use up unwanted duplicates in the crafting system to get the cards they really want.

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Screenplay CCG






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Comico Games

Release Date

May 13, 2024