Cosmos Invictus


Cosmos Invictus is a strategic collectible card game developed and published by Pegnio Ltd. Described by the developer as being filled with tactical elements not normally found in card games, Cosmos Invictus features customizable spaceships,pilots, and events that can have a great influence on the battle. The developer emphasizes that this game is “true, pure, hard sci-fi” with no magic involved.

Players take on the role of Captain for one of two factions, Gaia Unity or High Frontier Alliance. Some cards will be determined by this choice. Decks are abuilt out of a selection of mechs (the main unit in space combat), mech pilots, and customizable spaceships capable of direct attack or counter attack. Pilots combined with mechs create extra abilities.

Players can craft their own cards and can even melt duplicates down for use in the crafting process.

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Cosmos Invictus


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Pegnio Ltd


Pegnio Ltd

Release Date

June 27, 2018