One Tower


One Tower is a unique 1v1 MOBA — known as a “micro-moba” — developed and published by SkyReacher following a successful Kickstarter. The game pits two players against each other in a small-scale version of MOBA arenas with a single lane and offshoot areas where monsters wait to be downed by either player.

The monsters are an important aspect of the game as they can help a player accelerate gold acquisition, which is needed to generate minions. Players have full control over their minions waves, being able to purchase specific minions with gold and chose their position in the wave. Not all gold is accumulated from monster kills, player will automatically receive gold over a certain period of time. Gold is also earned via killing the enemy and their minions.

Players will also find elements of RTS and RPG games have been added to One Tower, to make for a more interesting 1v1 experience. The ultimate goal, like any MOBA, is for each player to protect the structure at their end of the lane while destroying the enemy’s.

One Tower is available to play via Steam.

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SkyReacher Entertainment


SkyReacher Entertainment

Release Date

November 11, 2016