Fishing Planet


The core focus of Fishing Planet is providing players with a peaceful environment that they can relax in while waiting for that big catch. With seven locations and an array of weather conditions to take advantage of, Fishing Planet offers a unique experience in player interaction.

Fishing Planet also gives players a massive selection of equipment to choose from. Players can customize their gear to suit their fishing style and watch as their catch count rises.

And don’t worry about Fishing Planet featuring just one generic type of fish. There are 32 species of fish available to catch in all of the various locations, each one requiring different baits and tactics.

Sport fishing wouldn’t be competitive without a leaderboard, and Fishing Planet pits players across the internet against one another to see who can catch “the big one” and take first place.

Fishing Planet promises a relaxing atmosphere and a competitive challenge to players looking to ease into a game.

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Fishing Planet LLC

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August 11, 2015