Minion Masters


Minion Masters is a free-to-play strategic minion brawler from Danish developer Betadwarf. The game offers players 1v1 or 2v2 competition taking place in small arenas. Players choose between different Masters with unique hero abilities. They then use these masters to summon collectible minions to the field. Once they’re on the field, it’s pretty much up to them what they’re going to do, so choose carefully.

The game offers several modes, standard 1v1 and 2v2, 1v1 draft, mayhem, expeditions, and solo challenges. In 1v1 draft, players build their deck from a random selection of cards During this mode three loses means the player is out of the game. Mayhem offers different rules every week, Expeditions are the game’s story mode. And solo challenges allow players to practice against the game’s AI.

To progress in the game, players will need to learn how to utilize their masters as well as unlock or craft an increasing number of minions and spells.

The game promises nearly constant new content, with the devs adding new things all the time, including events and cosmetics.

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Minion Masters


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May 24, 2019