Roblox is a free to play sandbox MMO. Imagine MineCraft with the option to take your creations, add story and other gameplay elements, turn it into a game and then post it for others to experience it.

There are even ways to earn money and create micro-transitions for other users to support your game-worlds if they enjoy them. That is Roblox for you in a nutshell. Since Roblox’s main appeal is the vast variety of games created by users, it will be near impossible to explain gameplay in Roblox, since it will be completely different depending on which world you are playing in. Along with the thousands of games you can play on Roblox, it also has a social platform to it. You can follow different content creators and even add users on your friend’s list and interact with them within the game.

There are many feature in place within the Roblox servers that are designed to keep children safe. All chat is moderated and parents can easily track their kid’s activity within the game. One of the major rules in Roblox is the no dating rule, which helps keep the focus on playing and building games instead of deep social interaction of questionable nature.The game development portion of Roblox is one of the strongest features it has to offer.

With nearly unlimited possibilities, and its own programming language that is designed for teens to understand and learn, Roblox is an amazing engine for game programmers to hone their craft, along with making a couple bucks!

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Roblox Corporation


Roblox Corporation

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December 22, 2006