Apex Legends


Apex Legends is a free-to-play strategic battle royale featuring 60-player matches and team-based play. Not only do players work together to survive and defeat the other teams, but teammates can also resurrect their fallen comrades provided they use Respawn Beacons.

The game makes other changes to the battle royale genre as well, such as the Intelligent Inventory that offers players a way to find exactly what they need, and a new deployment method.

Players can choose between eight different “Legends”, this game’s version of heroes or champions. These range from a professional soldier to a holographic trickster. Of course, the requisite meat shield and medic are present in the lineup.

Players unlock characters by collecting Legend Tokens. Twelve-thousand tokens are required to unlock one character. Since tokens are earned by playing matches, those who spend the most time in the game will unlock all the characters faster than those who spend less.

As with other battle royales, players can purchase packs filled with cosmetics and crafting materials. And, yes, there is a battle pass filled with seasonal cosmetics.

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Electronic Arts

Release Date

February 04, 2019