Town of Salem 2


Town of Salem 2 is a free-to-play deception and deduction game set in the town of Salem. Up to fifteen players take on the role of villagers. Each villager has unique abilities to use in the game, whether to confirm their innocence or track down killers. Some players will take on the role of one of three factions: Coven, Neutral, and Apocalypse, and work to stop the town from solving the murders and cleaning up their town.

The game offers custom lobbies so that players may compete with friends. An unusual feature of the game is that players can personalize a lot of things, not just their characters, but also their pets and their house’s interior. Players can also freely move around the game in lobbies, at night, or as a ghost, to fully explore the game world.

When putting together a match, players have control over the kinds of roles that are allowed, as well as game modifiers. In addition, players who have scrolls can boost their chances of getting the role they want. Provided it hasn’t been banned.

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Town of Salem 2






BlankMediaGames LLC


BlankMediaGames LLC

Release Date

August 25, 2023